Early Warning of Cancer – Signs and Symptoms

1. Fatigue
This is another vague symptoms, but this could indicate cancer. Obviously, it can be caused by other health problems. As fever, fatigue may occur after the cancer has spread. But according to the American Cancer Society, may occur in the early stages, as is the case of leukemia or cancers of the colon or stomach.

2. Persistent Cough
Coughing is a common symptom when you are dealing with colds, flu or allergies. Sometimes it can be a side effect of medication. But a prolonged cough that last longer than three to four weeks, should not be ignored. It may be a sign of cancer or may indicate another health problem such as bronchitis.

Your doctor will examine, verify if your lungs working properly, and if you are a smoker you probably will recommend a radiography. Once cause is established, you will receive the necessary treatment.
Cancer Symptom Radiography
3. Difficulty swallowing
“Some men may have difficulty in swallowing, but after a while so they can learn to live,” said Dr. Lichtenfeld. “While change their diet and focus more on liquid, begin to consume more soups. But difficulties in swallowing could be a sign of a gastrointestinal cancer, esophageal cancer for example,” added the specialist.

If you are struggling with this problem, don’t leave it unresolved, necessarily go to the doctor. The specialist will examine you possibly recommend a chest ultrasound, an endoscopy or other tests to help you find where it is actually the problem.

4. Indigestion
Persistent indigestion may indicate cancer of the throat or stomach esofagm, therefore, suffer from this disease for some time, go to the doctor. It will decide what tests you are required to determine the cause of your problems and the proper treatment.

5. Skin Condition Changes
“We should be careful not only to changes occurring in moles you have, but also the changes that occur in terms of pigmentation,” says Dr. Mary Daly of Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. Also, bleeding in the skin are one reason you go to a doctor. Experts say we should not wait more than a few weeks after you’ve seen these changes so go to the doctor.

6. Changes in the mouth
If you are a smoker, you must be careful that you may develop white spots in mouth or whiteheads on the tongue. These changes may indicate leukoplakia, a precancerous area can progress to oral cancer. Your dentist can examine you and you can show other tests are needed to detect why suffer.

Early Warning of Cancer – Signs and Symptoms
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