Health Care Industry as Social Institution

The health care industry is composed of the health care institutions which include; hospitals, nursing homes, home health care and many more. These institutions are led by either the government of a county or the private sectors. Specialists in different health areas have been employed in these institutions to provide the best in terms of health to individuals and this helps to promote good health. Health care industry is actually a social institution in the sense that many people meet in these healthcare institutions with different complications and are actually attended and go back to their homes well satisfied.

Some patients have been diagnosed with different health complications in such a way that they reach these institutions when they are unconscious but finally they feel better and be in a position to explain what they really felt before. This actually promotes socialization and sharing of various problems with different people and thus people eliminate loneliness.

In these health institutions for example hospitals, we find that there are nursing assistants who actually spent most of their times with the patients. These patient assistants try to socialize with the patients and inquire exactly the problems that the patient has been undergoing through and this helps the assistants to take a clear report to the nurse or doctor on duty which healthcare and medical facilitates efficient treatment of the patient. Through this socialization, doctors and nurses get an easy time to extract the required information from the patients and use it to administer the right drug to the patient especially to those whose clinical tests are ever negative.
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Socialization in hospitals and other health care institutions helps those patients diagnosed with mental problems to recover and feel better. We find that some patients have been hit by stroke due to stress or family based problems. The nurses and doctors have been trained to deal with such special cases and if they talk to the patients well, we find that they recover very fast. There is also the possibility of patient to patient socialization. This is actually good because patients meet in the hospitals with different complications and after special attention by the nurses you find that they recover and be able to communicate with one another. This makes them share their problems and console one another thus encouraging one another.

Together with all the importance of socialization, health care industry has its own social philosophy which it adapts in the execution of its task of providing good health to people. The industry aims at collecting the data from all the health care institutions and comparing it in order to draw a conclusion concerning its progress of maintaining good health to people. Its primary goal is to improve the overall quality of people’s lives and it does so by ensuring that each and every health institution is up to the required standards of operation. Those health care institutions operating below the required standards are closed down and thus high health standards are ensured.

Health Care Industry as Social Institution
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